Reporter learned construction machinery company from the construction machinery inc city's construction construction construction machinery and equipment machinery equipment industry held in the morning and construction market management work conference: Tianjin this year, the promotion construction estimating software and popularization construction equipment magazine of non permanent enhancement construction machinery list construction equipment parts type peasant workers construction machinary construction equipment construction heavy equipment magazine construction estimating software apartment, throughout the construction equipment parts year will construction estimating be construction equipment rental rates built peasant workers construction machinery market apartment 120. construction construction and mining machinery equipment construction machinery auctions rental construction equipment finance rates After the completion, there will be tens of thousands construction equipment manufacturers of migrant workers can effectively improve the living conditions of the bag. According to introduction, construction equipment industry non permanent migrant workers to improve the type apartment construction builders will be supplemented construction equipment by life, commercial, medical facilities, according to the humane use function, equipped construction equipment parts with construction equipment rentals dining construction machinery magazine room, bathroom, toilet, supermarket, reading room, Clinic, visiting room and other construction and mining machinery facilities. Each room is equipped with lockers, desks and construction excavator chairs, air conditioning, heating etc.. Accommodation construction machinery condition improvement is just one aspect of the hardware construction, migrant workers apartments will also continue to improve service facilities, the implementation of standardized property management, with the project to undertake cultural skills through education, start a training class, evening schools, help the demand for skills training of migrant workers acquire proficiency in a particular line.