It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Monty Oum today, He was one of the hardest

working people in the animation and gaming industry and will be remembered by friends, family and

fans as a true icon of the industry along with being one of the best people we have all had the privilege

to know. Monty was a part of the animation and Motion capture team working on the hit web series

Red Vs Blue and his own personal creation RWBY where he was Writer, Director, Animator and Voiced

his character Lie Ren. We had the privilege to interview him during RTX2014 in Austin Texas (link below)

and in that short time he made a big impression on us here at GVTV as a man that was truly doing what

he loved to do and that is what people should strive to find in life. Not only was he an amazing animator

and writer but he was also an avid gamer, and huge fan of old school kung fu films that greatly

influenced his work and had a love of cosplay and loved to see people take his characters and add their

own spin on them. We will greatly miss Monty not only for his contribution to the industry but for his

contribution to our lives in getting to know such a talented, hardworking man.

RIP Monty Oum


Written by Adam Garcia