Capital City Comic Con, July 11-13, 2014

Harking back to the glorious beginning of the original and traditional comic book conventions, Capitol City Comic Con promises to knock the socks off Central Texas fans & collectors alike.

In the beginning, comic book conventions were a comic collector’s dream: A single building full of all sorts of comics from all across the globe – many in all their sealed and pristine glory, artists both new and established there on hand to meet the fans, it was a place where comic lovers of all kinds could gather and celebrate their common love for the art form and stories together.

Capital City Comic Con stands poised to bring that experience back to the fans. Featuring some of the top artists in the business, such as headliners like Kevin Eastman and Tony Silas, this is shaping up to spotlight a wonderful selection of the who’s who in the comic book world.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To truly understand just how special Capitol City Comic Con will be, let’s go back to the beginning of the original comic book conventions: ComiCon 64, where it was no more than 100 people in attendance and The Lone Ranger artist Tom Gill was there for a discussion on how to draw comics. Though starting out small, they had grander ideas and soon the word had spread to collectors all around about a place where you can buy, sell and trade comic books both old and new and even snag some rare ones that will fill out that final piece of your collection. The plan was always to bring the comic book dealers to the buyers and steer them away from the old way of thinking of newspapers and corner stands. To them, it wasn’t about cornering a market – it was about bringing a new way of thinking to an old world.

This humble but brilliant beginning is what leads us to be so excited about Capital City Comic Con. They are bringing back the original, true comic book convention with a tip of the hat to the glory days and featuring an impressive lineup of artists, writers and dealers to help the collector locate that special or hard to find, last or essential piece of their collection as well as offering the chance for artists wanting to get an inside look on how to start their own comic book or to sharpen the one they have already started.

Set in Austin, Texas, a city known for being the artistic and keeping it weird center of the state, it is perhaps the best place to have a convention of this type to let people explore their creative and artistic side of life and be with like minded fans for one glorious weekend.