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Who Are We?

We are just a group of fun loving geeks and nerds which started off as a small group of movie watchers in San Antonio. We welcome anyone with an interest in any type of fandom to join us for fun and shenanigans. Our group is very diverse and we strive to have fun above all else. Please join us and share your love of anything fandom.

Our Mission Statement:

We celebrate and support ALL Fandom Groups and Pop Culture Events. We especially support those that our respective members are part of.

If there is anything you feel we are missing out on, please contact us so that we may include it.

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On October 17 and 18, at 8 p.m., the San Antonio Symphony will present “Star Trek Into Darkness,” director J. J. Abrams’s most recent blockbuster hit in the Star Trek franchise, with composer Michael Giacchino‘s thrilling musical score performed “live to picture” by the orchestra

 star trek

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